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Journals Publications

[Pfit18a] Darius M Pfitzner & John McLaren (2018), Microbusinesses in Australia: a Robust Definition, Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal, Vol.12, Iss.3.

[Steve16a] Catherine J Stevens, Bronwyn Pinchbeck, Trent Lewis, Martin Luerssen, Darius Pfitzner, David MW Powers, Arman Abrahamyan, Yvonne Leung & Guillaume Gibert (2016), Mimicry and expressiveness of an ECA in human-agent interaction: familiarity breeds content!, Computational cognitive science, Vol. 2, Iss. 1, Springer Singapore.

[Band11a] S Bandias, D Fuller & D Pfitzner (2011), Vocational and higher education in Australia: A need for closer collaboration - Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management.

[Leib2010a] Richard Leibbrandt, Dongqiang Yang, Darius Pfitzner, David Powers, Pru Mitchell, Sarah Hayman & Helen Eddy (2010), Smart Collections: Can Artificial Intelligence Tools and Techniques Assist with Discovering, Evaluating and Tagging Digital Learning Resources?, International Association of School Librarianship.

[Pfit08b] Darius Pfitzner, Kenneth Treharne & David M. W. Powers (in press, accepted May 2008), User Keyword Preference: the Nwords and Rwords Experiments, International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology: Special Issue on Intelligent Internet-based Systems: Emerging Technologies and Programming Techniques.

[Pfit08a] Darius M Pfitzner, Richard E Leibbrandt and David MW Powers (2008) Characterization and Evaluation of Similarity Measures for Pairs of Clusterings, Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal (KAIS), accepted 30/Jan/08.

Conference Publications

[Pfit18b] Rajeev Sharma & Darius Pfitzner (2018), "Microbusiness in Australia: Driver of Growth or a Poor Cousin? Lessons from the International Experience", 3rd International Conference FOBE 2018 At: IMT (Institute of Management Technology) India.

[Treh08] Kenneth Treharne, Darius Pfitzner, Richard Leibbrandt & David M. W. Powers, A Lean Online Approach to Human Factors Research, 1st International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA) workshop on “Pervasive Technologies in e/m-Learning and Internet based Experiments” (PTLIE), July 15-19, 2008, Athens Greece. (accepted May 2008)

[Powe08a] David MW Powers, Richard Leibbrandt, Darius Pfitzner, Martin Luerssen, Trent Lewis, Arman Abrahamyan & Kate Stevens (2008), "Language teaching in a mixed reality games environment", Proceedings of the 1st international conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, ACM.

[Pfit07b]* Darius Pfitzner, Kenneth Treharne & David M. W. Powers (2007): Cognitive Load in Text Search: the Nwords and Rwords Surveys, Joint HCSNet-HxI Workshop on Human Issues in Interaction and Interactive Interfaces, 13-14 September 2007, Australian Technology Park, Sydney, Abstract.

[Pfit07a] Darius Pfitzner, Kenneth Treharne & David M. W. Powers (2007), Cognitive load in text search: The Nwords and Rwords surveys, Australian Society for Cognitive Science Conference, July 9-11, 2007, Abstract.

[Treh07a] Kenneth Treharne, Darius Pfitzner & David M. W. Powers (2007), The versatile role of motion in visualisation, Australian Society for Cognitive Science Conference, July 9-11, 2007, Abstract.

[Shil07] Shillabeer, A. and Pfitzner, D. (2007). Determining Pattern Element Contribution in Medical Datasets. Proc. Australasian Workshop on Health Knowledge Management and Discovery (HKMD 2007), Ballarat, Australia. CRPIT, 68. ACS. http://crpit.com/confpapers/CRPITV68Shillabeer.pdf.

[Pfit02a] Darius Pfitzner, Vaughan Hobbs and David Powers (2002), A unified taxonomic framework for information visualization. pp.57-66, Proc.Australian Symposium on Information Visualization, Adelaide, February 2003.

[Powe03b] David M. W. Powers and Darius Pfitzner (2003). The Magic Science of Visualization. International Conference on Cognitive Science, University of New South Wales, July 2003, pp535-540. http://david.wardpowers.info/Research/AI/papers/200302-ICCS-MagiVis.pdf  

[Powe03a] David MW Powers & Darius Pfitzner (2003), The magic science of visualization, University of New South Wales

Other Work

[Pfit18c] Darius Pfitzner & John McLaren (2018), "Tackling the Black Economy: Designing a modern Australian Business Number system", Submitted to: The Black Economy Taskforce, 22nd Aug 2018, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.14332.39047

[Pfit09a] Darius Pfitzner (2009), "An Investigation into User Text Query and Text Descriptor Construction", Flinders University, School of Computer Sicence.

[McIn09a] Janet McIntyre-Mills, Denise Bernadette de Vries & Darius Mark Pfitzner (2009), "Open democracy supported by governance based on expanded pragmatism and testing out ideas", Edith Cowen University

[Full09a] Don Fuller, Susan Bandias, Darius Pfitzner (2009), "Utilizing Aboriginal Land in the Northern Territory for Economic and Human Development", Charles Darwin University.

[Pfit04a] Vaughan Hobbs, Darius Pfitzner & David Powers (2004), "A Survey of Information Retrieval Interfaces", Flinders Unviserity, http://www.academia.edu/download/40120742/200204-drft-IRS.pdf

[Pfit03a] Darius Pfitzner, “Development and Assessment of Search-Return Visualizations”, School of Informatics and Engineering, Flinders University, Adelaide (Masters of Information Technology Thesis; supervisor: D. M. W. Powers)